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Online Game: Gods Of Time

Chicago Underground Events

These guys (ILL MEASURES/LSC) throw some awesome parties here in Chicago.  My favorite one was a couple of years ago for Halloween.  The entire place was decorated in black light artwork, and there was an entire section dedicated to the Smurf Village!  There was even a Smurf walking around…

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Ill Measures

Happy Halloween 08

Gematria: Political

408 : Barack (216)  Obama  (192)
978 : Barack (216)  Hussein (570)  Obama (192)
384 : Joe (180)  Biden (204)
540 : John McCain
594 : Sarah Palin

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LucidFaerie’s First Fire: @ Syzygy 07

Video: Les Marionettes

Black Light performance of Les Marionettes
(Kat, Meg & Melissa) @ Resonate 07