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Gematria: Political

408 : Barack (216)  Obama  (192)
978 : Barack (216)  Hussein (570)  Obama (192)
384 : Joe (180)  Biden (204)
540 : John McCain
594 : Sarah Palin

Gallery: MudSlingers

Video: Lucid Flare

LucidFaerie’s First Fire: @ Syzygy 07

Video: Les Marionettes

Black Light performance of Les Marionettes
(Kat, Meg & Melissa) @ Resonate 07

Wiki: Photo Pong

How to Play Photoshop Tennis

Photoshop tennis is a fun game to play on forums or through e-mail. It can be played with two or more players. Even though it’s called photoshop tennis (or photoshop pong) you can use any kind of image editor. A match starts with a single picture. The next person edits the picture, then someone else edits that picture, and so on. The only rule is that any post must be based on, or otherwise include, the previous picture posted in the thread. The more clever the alteration, the better your chances of winning and the more fun the players (and anyone who’s following along) will have!


  1. Lay out the rules. Here are some suggestions:
    • How many times will pictures be edited before the match is over?
    • How do you decide who wins?
    • A picture can’t be edited by the same person twice in a row.
    • What isn’t allowed? (e.g. violence, pornography)
    • See more challenging variations and limitations in the Tips below.
  2. Look for a starting picture. Since you’re going to be modifying and posting the picture online, look for images that are licensed with Creative Commons (make sure it doesn’t have a no-derivatives clause), GFDL or in the public domain. You can find pictures on websites that focus on freely licensed media[1] or use the Find Free Photos tool in wikiHow.
  3. Edit your picture using any photo editing software. You can use open source software like GIMP or Paint.NET, or you can use commercial programs like Photoshop CS3 or Paint Shop Pro.
    • You can change the color, add effects, add text, or “remix” it with another picture.
    • Throughout the match, you can find creative ways to re-introduce the same image or pattern, like an object or person. Sometimes you can make another, more obvious edit, and add the repetitive item in subtly so that it’ll only be noticed on closer inspection.
    • A previous image can be seen in the object he’s holding

      A previous image can be seen in the object he's holding

      If you’re out of ideas, do a context switch. Take the entire previous image and place it in a completely different context, such as a piece of art in a gallery, or on a television screen.

  4. Upload your picture to an image hosting site. Your can use several image hosting sites to upload your picture. You can use sites like Flickr, Photobucket, and Tinypic.

  5. Place your image in the thread. For boards which use BBcode, use the code [img]the link to your picture[/img] to add your picture to the forum.

  6. Add the source where you got the picture from. If you have edited another image into your picture, as a courtesy to the author of the original image, link back to them. In boards that use BBcode, add links by using [url=the link of the pictures source]source[/url].


This video demonstrates a time lapse record of a photoshop tennis game that took place over a week with several different players.


  • Invent arbitrary rules to make the game more of a challenge.
    • restrict all image edits to a particular theme or color
    • specific software
    • only Creative Commons images
  • If possible, find some way to coordinate with other posters, such as IRC or instant messaging.


Things You’ll Need

  • Image editing software. GIMP is free and open-source, but there are many others, like Photoshop (which gives the game its name) and Paint Shop Pro, as well as another free one called Paint.NET.
  • Freely-licensed pictures, and plenty of imagination.

Poll: Test Quest

AlienTrance: Elf Soup

Elf Soup by AlienTrance

Elf Soup

Download Elf Soup

Funny Magical Elf Soup – Stumbling Craters Tripping, Morphing Into What Could Be Anti-Cellular Sludge Wrapped In Milk Chocolate, But So Produced In The Dreary Factory of Sorrow Just Once.

Link: Tech & Web Resources

I’ll be posting as many great links as I can find here.  Hope you find something of use!

CSS Tester – Check your CSS live, through this simple interface

Free Hosting

Coming Soon… –

Help & Support

WordPress Help
– installing WordPress locally
WordPressMax – Cheap install service

Local Web Server (Help)

TechnoSpot – LocalHost Setup
Ditii – Xampp & WordPress Install
Port Forward – Awesome resource for router configurations (Install Apache)

System Tweaks

List of Uninstallable Services for XP – 1

Mushroom Symbolism

A listing of evidence supporting mushroom symbolism throughout religious history…

Images from Google

From Yahoo Answers

I have read the authors of the bible were under psychedelic substances?

Do you have any more information about it?
Every time I post this question, before I can even read the information provided it gets reported.
If you decide to report, because it is damaging for your belief, I will re post again. I have also closed this account to contacts, some religious people, I will let you guess which religion, likes to censure anything that PROVES their religion wrong.

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

I don’t know why but they keep reporting me too.
I have posted this information for them to verify.
They can read for themselves, the answer is YES.
There are literally HUNDREDS of books that talk about it, yet the Christians have decided to ignore the evidence.

In “The Mystery of Manna”, religious historian Dan Merkur provided compelling evidence that the miraculous bread that God fed the Israelites in the wilderness was psychedelic, made from bread containing ergot–the psychoactive fungus containing the same chemicals from which LSD is made. Many religious authorities over the centuries have secretly known the identity and experience of manna and have left a rich record of their involvement with this sacred substance.


This is another one that talks about the psychedelic substances used by the authors of the Bible.

This Book “Astrotheology and Shamanism: Unveiling the Law of Duality in Christianity and other Religions”
explores the hidden symbolism in religions and cultural traditions, analyzing the representation of celestial objects and hallucinogenic plants and their role in religious rites and traditions. The authors do an excellent job examining the symbolism of astrological ages and of the solar deities, such as Jesus/Christ. Clearly, Christianity is revealed as a distorted exoteric religious model which contains hidden vestiges of the esoteric shamanic wisdom and “pagan” traditions from which the new piscean age religion had been developed. The Christ character is exposed as non-historical, a composite of sun god symbolism and mushroom symbolism, and although the issue is not significantly addressed by these authors, I would suggest that the New Testament era Christ also includes aspects of multiple minor historical personages (initiates) whose historical background got woven into the timeless symbolic stories. This book contains a wealth of fascinating information and pictures and cuts through many religious secrets and deceptions.

These two books by “John Marco Alegro” are very interesting as well.



Finally this video explains in details the use of entheogens by religious troughout history , focusing on Christianity.


Mushroom Symbolism in Maya Codices

Click for Full Size