Video: Lucid Flare

LucidFaerie’s First Fire: @ Syzygy 07

Video: Les Marionettes

Black Light performance of Les Marionettes
(Kat, Meg & Melissa) @ Resonate 07

Free Smileys (Hotlink Friendly)

Feel free to drag and drop these cool smileys into Gmail or onto your website, but please link back or even leave a comment! Hope you enjoy

Illusion: ‘Rotating Snake’

Click Image To Trip Out Full Size!

Click Image To Trip Out Full Size!

Video: Glow & Flow

This test video was one of the first I have ever made.  I used the song ‘Shaman Sleepwalk’ by AlienTrance (my solo music project) and random bits of black light entertainment by LucidFaerie and members of the PsyChi alliance.  Intended to mesmerize.

Video: SantaCon 06

A Santa among Santas, on Trolley 3…

Video: SantaCon 06

Kat, Meg & LindaLoca @ SantaCon Chicago, 06