Slideshow: Burning Man DeComp 08

Burning Man DeComp in Michigan (Chicago / Detroit 08)

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Link: V3GGIE (Vegetarian) Search Engine

Click Image to Visit Website

Click Image to Visit Website – the vegetarian search engine

Searching for Vegetarian specific information can be painful. Especially recipes and restaurants. How many times have you searched for “corn chowder” and weeded through pages of “clam chowder” recipes?

V3GGIE is a specialized search engine. It uses a large set of vegetarian and vegan oriented web sites as well as the vegetarian/vegan subsections of popular sites.

5 Vegetarian Search Engines in One!

V3GGIE includes 5 separate sections to give you the most appropriate information.

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    Audio & Sound Links

    Audio Links

    Find Sounds – Free Audio Clips and Samples
    AlienTrance – Ambient Psychedelic Soundscapes
    Simply Noise – Free White Noise Generator for your browser (now includes Red and Brown noise)

    Find More Good Music

    Find More Good Music